Double Ring Infiltrometer

The Double Ring Infiltrometer allows you to determine the rate of infiltration of water into soil. This means you can monitor the efficiency of irrigation and drainage, optimise the use of water for plant growth and improve crop yields. At the same time as minimising erosion.

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The Double Ring Infiltrometer is a simple instrument that is used to determine the rate of infiltration of water into the soil. The rate of infiltration is determined as the amount of water per surface area and time unit that penetrates the soil. This rate can be calculated on the basis of the measuring results and the Law of Darcy.

  • Ideal for infiltration measurement of top soil
  • Perfect for flood / furrow irrigation advice
  • Triple rings for a representative average
  • Stainless steel rings will last forever
  • Helps improve the yield of crops and minimises erosion

Double Ring Infiltrometer Equipment Options:


  • Infiltration research
  • Capacity for irrigation and drainage projects
  • Soil permeability research
  • Irrigation research



Driving plate for hammering in infiltration rings
Measuring bridge for ring infiltro meter
Float with measuring rod
Pull out hook
Stopwatch, digital, measuring range 10 hours
Steel hammer with nylon heads, 2kg impact absorbing design


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