Beeker Sampler

Eijkelkamp Beeker Samplers takes undisturbed samples of sediments and submerged soils. A sophisticated sediment sampler for completely undisturbed samples. Samples collected in an acrylic so perfect for a visual assessment of the  water/sediment interface

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The Beeker sampler can be inserted in a closed position to the required sampling horizon then opened. The Beeker sampler is perfect for a visual assessment of the often critical water/sediment interface. Sub-samples can easily be obtained by a laboratory partitioning system.

  • Virtually undisturbed sample
  • With extension rods are capable of sampling to 5 metres
  • Fast and clean samples that can be sampled layer by layer
  • Clear sample tubes with visible profiles
  • Original stratification of the sample is maintained
  • Inflatable bladder in cutting shoe ensures even liquid samples are retained
  • Easy to clean and very strong
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Beeker Sampler Equipment Options:



  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Environmental soil research
  • Undisturbed sampling
  • Geohydrological research
  • Sediment sampling



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