Soil Sampling Equipment

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Measuring the characteristics of soil

Hand penetrometer

Compact, easy to operate hand penetrometers available in two sets for probing to depths between 1 and 3 metres.

Both sets contain measuring instrument, probing rod and cones.

Resistance measured by cone is read from pressure gauge.

Low maintenance.


Easy to use, lightweight fully electronic data logger for storage and processing of 500 measurements.

1mm accuracy over a penetration depth of 80cm.

Depth is measured by ultrasound

Pre-programming of the field project can be done in advance of going out in the field.

Data is presented graphically or numerically for further data processing.

Fitted with adjustable LCD screen and completely splash/waterproof.

Built in high accuracy GPS helps find locations again and again.


A mechanical, scientific instrument for the determination of the penetration resistance of the ground.

A graph is drawn on weather-proof plasticized paper which can be re-used to show trends.

Continuous measurement up to 80cm.

Ideal for measuring disturbed layers and the effectiveness of compaction on different soils.

Penetrometer for Top Layers

A hand held penetrometer for top layers.

Small cones are ideal for shallow measurements and horizontal measurements in, for example, profile pits.

Supplied with measuring device, extension rods, sounding rods, various cones, compression spring and tools.

Pocket Penetrometer

Designed to determine the penetration resistance of top layers and of samples in the field and the laboratory.

Measuring range 0.5 MPa.

Immediate readout of the penetration resistance is given.