Meet the Team

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Meet the team

Each member of the Van Walt team is product trained and has developed their own area of expertise to help you find the right equipment for your groundwater monitoring or environmental research needs.

Call us on 01428 661 660 and we will put you through to the person who can help or email for your quote.

Montse Ampuy

Name: Montse Ampuy

Role: Director Van Walt ES, Member of the Van Walt Management Team

Expertise: Montse, daughter of the founder of Analab, Jaume Ampuy, has accumulated much experience over the years she has worked in the business. Dedicated to the environmental sector, Montse is as at home with augers, soil moisture meters, water level loggers and chemical risk management as most women are with shopping! She has made the sale and distribution of environmental research equipment her life's work particularly since taking over the management of the business in 2012. Her ambition is to see Van Walt as the preferred choice for environmental consultants and researchers throughout Spain. As of 2014 she has taken on an additional role as Senior Manager of the Van Walt Group with the particular responsibility for staff motivation, performance and wellbeing of the group. Montse's other passion is shoes, she has had an enduring love affair with fabulous footwear for longer than she has been at Van Walt – and shoes, as every woman knows, are the best therapy for any stress in your life!

+34 935 900 007

Lucille Anderson

Name: Lucille Anderson

Role: Office and Rental Administrator

Expertise: With valuable experience in the hospitality and finance sectors, Lucille is an expert at providing great customer service with a genuine smile - and she's excited to have the opportunity dust off her Geology degree in her role at Van Walt Ltd. With a passion for the great outdoors, Lucille is a true Kiwi lass who loves a challenge and jumps at the chance to roll her sleeves up and get her hands dirty! When she's not gardening, fishing or spending time with family, Lucille enjoys listening to her vast collection of vinyl on her vintage record player.

+64 (0)3443 5326

Paul Bailey

Name: Paul Bailey

Role: Company Accountant

Expertise: Enjoying the finer things in life: good food and wine, travelling to Paris and Rome, things could have been very different for Paul if his love of football had turned into a career. Instead Paul has developed his expertise and proficiency in the field of accountancy, gaining valuable experience in sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, hospitality and now environmental. Still keen to keep himself fit and healthy Paul has other talents that fall outside sports; dining etiquette (Silver Service Waiting Skills) and diplomacy, "My favourite food is my Mother-in-Law's dumpling," – no wonder he has to keep up his gym membership!

+44 (0) 1428 661660

Yvonne Coonan

Name: Yvonne Coonan

Role: Associate Director, Member of the Van Walt Management Team

Expertise: Yvonne has over 20 years' experience working in the environmental research and monitoring sector and has considerable expertise with soil moisture measurements and TDR systems; sediment sampling techniques and percussion drilling routines. She regularly provides onsite training on window sampling sets and can often be found in her overalls and wellies, knee deep in mud. Yvonne is also our guru for laboratory equipment for soil characterisation and research. As a busy working mum she spends any free time looking after her daughter, Amanda and socialising with friends.

+44 (0) 1428 664851

Tracey Daley

Name: Tracey Daley

Role: Associate Director, Marketing, Member of the Van Walt Management Team

Expertise: The customer is at the heart of everything we do at Van Walt and Tracey's role is to ensure that everything we do helps our customers and potential customers find us; have confidence in our equipment and service; understand how the equipment works and how it can solve their needs; be reassured that once the equipment is bought or rented we are still there to deliver help, support and share our expertise – basically to ensure the Van Walt experience is so good that you will want to come back time and time again. This means taking the rough with the smooth – your feedback to Tracey and the team is vital in ensuring we consistently deliver what you want.

+44 (0) 1428 664856

Candi Fernandez

Name: Candi Fernandez

Role: Sales Support & Administration

Expertise: After 20 years looking after the administration of Analab, Candi knows each and every detail of the business from our customers through to all our suppliers. She has become a specialist in hand augering as a result of her drive to learn more about the equipment we supply and is ready to share her knowledge with you. Candi will give you advice for your hand sampling needs, suggesting the specific auger that will best fit your needs, Candi is always happy to hear from you. Cheerful and friendly; in her spare time you will find her swimming, diving or dancing salsa.

+34 935 900 007

Gary House

Name: Gary House

Role: Rental Technician

Expertise: Gary, with experience in engineering, warehousing, logistics and stores, is a member of our rental team. On a daily basis he gets to grips with basic cleaning and maintenance through to complex calibration checks. He has been trained and has developed considerable experience, which he is happy to share with any customer who has a technical problem or question relating to any of our YSI fleet of water quality meters. In his spare time, Gary was a Hampshire Special Constable of more than 15 years and a self-confessed conspiracy theorist, leaning more to the ancient historical based variety. Unsurprisingly his taste in books and films leans more towards fact-based accounts – less of the Da Vinci theories for him!

+44 (0) 1428 661 660

Lewis Irvine

Name: Lewis Irvine

Role: Head of R&D, Member of the Van Walt Management Team

Expertise: Lewis has a background in engineering, hydraulics and mechanics. Lewis manages everything technical at Van Walt; he is at his happiest rebuilding and rewiring environmental equipment and a large proportion of his time is spent managing the R&D department, developing new products such as our very own vanwaltCONNECT. He is involved in special projects all around the world which means lots of travelling - lucky Lewis! It is no surprise that in his free time he is still making robots, riding dirt bikes and driving muscle cars, this usually means plenty of time stripping and rebuilding engines!

+44 (0) 1428 664855

Ikky Izagaren

Name: Ikky Izagaren

Role: Customer Relationship Manager, Member of the Van Walt Management Team

Expertise: Ikky has spent her time at Van Walt developing her equipment knowledge and, as importantly, getting to know you; the customer. Celebrated in the office for remembering everyone and everything, she is the font of all knowledge when it comes to finding the right equipment, specialising in soil and groundwater research - what she doesn't know about an auger, is not worth knowing! Go directly to Ikky for all your quotes, whether you are looking to buy or rent – she can't wait to hear from you.

+44 (0) 1428 664852

Reece Munn

Name: Reece Munn

Role: Rental & Repairs Manager

Expertise: Stripping down engines, dismantling cars, motorbikes and anything else mechanical then putting everything back together with an obsessive attention to detail that ensures it performs better than before is in Reece's genes and why he is suited to his role at Van Walt. A 'need to know' attitude means nothing is left to chance and a planned methodical approach to problem solving helps him get to the bottom of 'whatever is thrown at him' in our repairs department and rental room. In addition, he is trained in data retrieval to ensure, wherever possible, no customers' data is ever lost. Reece the Equipment Engineer is far removed from Reece the adrenaline junkie, who spends his free time competing in many forms of motorcycle racing and who enjoys skydiving, but as he is trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts who's going to stop him!

+44 (0) 1428 661660

Miguel Nunez

Name: Miguel Nunez

Role: Sales Co-Ordinator

Expertise: If you can list qualities like: sociable, brave, ambitious then you're the type of person we want for our sales team – and that is exactly how Miguel describes himself, except the literal Spanish translation is: "I'm a young person fighting with sharks"! That may well define Miguel's previous sales experience where most of his customers were not just twice his age but also had more than his age in years, in experience. Undeterred Miguel worked his way up through the company because he's never satisfied with one, if he can have two or more! At Van Walt, Miguel is responsible for co-ordinating sales activity across our three offices, so his passion for travelling and seeing the World (and the inside of airports) will be achieved!

+44 (0)1428 661 660

Jess Oliver

Name: Jess Oliver

Role: Marketing, Quality Compliance & Procedures, Member of the Van Walt Management Team

Expertise: With a head for process management and procedures, Jess manages quality & environmental compliance throughout the organisation and she is responsible for assessing and suggesting improvements to internal business processes. Jess joined Van Walt in 2012 supporting the marketing and sales functions, her creative streak and passion for design is something we constantly tap into – the jewel of level loggers could get very interesting!

+44 (0) 1428 661660

Ramon Quiles

Name: Ramon Quiles

Role: Senior Technical Specialist

Expertise: With an extensive theoretical background on black holes and all things related to the Universe, Ramon has spent the last 20 years learning about the whole process of analysis of samples, from sampling itself to the most advanced soil analysis techniques, including sample preparation. He can now advise you on equipment for all your groundwater monitoring and soil sampling and analysis needs, making certain you have the right equipment and maximum return on your investment. Always ready to take a risk, he is a compulsive karaoke singer, enjoys fooling around with model trains and is a keen mountain climber (when his teenage daughters allow him!).

+34 935 900 007

Tom Raggett

Name: Tom Raggett

Role: Equipment Engineer, Repairs & Data Retrieval Analyst

Expertise: With a four year electrical apprenticeship under his belt and experience with welding and soldering metal, Tom adds skill and expertise to the growing rental and repair operation at Van Walt in the UK. By working closely with the rental and product development teams his goal is to learn more about our precision groundwater monitoring and sampling equipment to ensure that equipment delivers accurate data - each and every time. Tom is Van Walt's first campanologist, but doesn't confine his musical ability to bell ringing - he's also a keen percussionist and has played with several bands. Add to that a passion for hiking, climbing and reading Tolkien it's hardly surprising that his football team of choice is York City Football Club – he's a Minsterman!

+44 (0) 1428 661660

Ricard Riera

Name: Ricard Riera

Role: Senior Technical Specialist

Expertise: Ricard is one of the few people who enjoys reading manuals, (especially about soil moisture measurements and TDR systems), being able to understand since his early years how to program even the most difficult appliances. Ricard has a degree in Chemistry backed by practical experience gained over 20 years giving advice to customers in the agronomy and environmental sectors. With this background, he is ready to hear from you and you can be confident he will be able to give you the best fit solution to your sampling and monitoring requirements. Ricard is very proud to be born in a city where Gaudí created the most fantastic monuments you can imagine. He also believes that it is the city where you can find one of the best football teams in the world! In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking and, if that wasn't extreme enough - climbing the mountains surrounding Barcelona

+34 935 900 007

Amanda Skelding

Name: Amanda Skelding

Role: Rental & Repairs Co-Ordinator

Expertise: Originally from the Black Country and with a degree in Business Management, Amanda is your guide to all things Van Walt! Whether you're a regular customer or making your first enquiry; if it’s help placing an order or a rental or repair enquiry she is the person who can help. Amanda is trained to know which consumables are required for every item of equipment, whether you are ordering a water level meter or renting a water quality meter, she is always happy to hear from you. Amanda is the person who can help, not always an easy task – you'd be amazed at how many people call from up a mountain, at sea in a boat or even in the jungle! Outside of work her heart lies in the country: walking her dog and horse riding.

+44 (0) 1428 664853

Dirk van Walt

Name: Dirk van Walt

Role: New Zealand Branch Manager

Expertise: Ever since he was old enough to sit up Dirk has been obsessed (much to the frustration of his father) with taking things apart and finding out how they work (Vincent's favourite camera has never quite been the same since). These days are no exception other than that Dirk is able to put them back together in working order again! Dirks formal training in wooden boat building and engineering serves him well in his position at Van Walt. When he is not at work you will find him in the garage getting creative with timber or tinkering on his car. Having laid down his chisels and power tools as a form of income Dirk's new obsession is building the Van Walt name in New Zealand and getting to know your needs.

+64 (0)3443 5326

Vincent van Walt

Name: Vincent van Walt

Role: Director & Technical Sales

Expertise: Vincent has many years' experience in the environmental field – more than he is prepared to admit to! More than 30 years ago he and Kaja, his wife, established Van Walt to fill a gap in the market for equipment that provides consistent, accurate results - equipment that sets the standard for soil and groundwater monitoring and research. Today he remains equally as committed and still spends the majority of his time sharing his expertise on groundwater field techniques, percussion drilling, soil moisture measurement and mineral exploration with customers at home and abroad. As an enthusiastic sailor he has learnt to appreciate the combination of quality and craftsmanship to create something that is both functional and beautiful.

+44 (0) 1428 664850