Dear Customer

Since our last update it's fair to say that Van Walt has changed beyond recognition yet some things are still the same!

This month we opened our New Zealand Office in Wanaka, South Island (read all about it here) and, at the same time, bought a major shareholding in Analab SA, in Barcelona, Spain. Analab is a company very like our own, specialising in the sale of environmental monitoring equipment to the Spanish market (see our blog: Together we are better).

New opportunities for Van Walt but built on the same principles a range of consistently high quality equipment at competitive prices backed by professional, honest advice delivered with integrity by trained, friendly staff.

At this busy time I want to say a huge thank you to the Van Walt team, the existing and all the new members. They have worked tirelessly throughout the last few months to ensure it has been 'business as usual' for our customers thank you.

Now we can look forward with enthusiasm to working together to better ensure we continue to earn your custom and that you trust us with your equipment needs whether you're based in the UK, New Zealand or Spain. Welcome, Kia Ora or Bienvenido to Van Walt 2012 and beyond!


Logo Introducing our telemetrised water quality system


With so much happening over the last few months we have delayed telling you about
this exciting opportunity to launch the first, fully telemetrised water quality system.


Logo Do you rent?


In response we have continued to improve our processes, paperwork and expertise
so we can provide you with consistent, expert service and high quality field-ready
equipment, every time you use us.


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Diver Office Premium is the ultimate data management, analysis and reporting software for Diver water level loggers. It is essential software if you are monitoring harbour and tidal fluctuations; wetlands and stormwater run-off: long-term water level monitoring projects; automating a groundwater monitoring network; working on aquifer storage & recovery or saltwater intrusion projects and monitoring landfill sites. Why? Because this sophisticated software has a host of features including the ability to program all types of Diver, read data and perform barometic compensations.


Logo We hope you like us!


At Van Walt we firmly believe people buy from people they trust and they usually trust people they like. But, like most businesses, staff churn is something we have to learn to live with and look for the opportunities change presents. That’s why we believe it’s important to keep you up-to-date with who’s who and not just what we look like (Meet The Team) but also, through our blogs, the type of people you are dealing with!


Logo Reading this is New Zealand or Spain?


Full contact details of our New Zealand operation can be found here, including banking details here.

If you’re based in Spain visit the recently updated Analab SA site: or call Montse Ampuy and her team on

+34 935 900 007

or email