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We've been busy over the last few months because you've been busy, thank you. We take pride in ensuring we respond to your requests within an hour of receiving them because we know when you ask for information it's because you need an answer as soon as possible.

However, in between responding to your requests, we have been busy on other fronts too: new equipment films; QR codes to download instructional films onsite; new staff and plenty of new equipment!

We have a lot to tell you but know your time is precious. To make it easier for you to decide what you need to know the highlights are below. Click on the link to find out more.


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Vincent van Walt

The new way to manage & read your Water Level Logger data

Diver's Global Data Transmitter

Diver's Global Data Transmitter

Helping you better understand our equipment

New videos & improved Quick Start Guides with links to instructional films



How well do you know our team? New faces to familiarise yourself with & a few changes for some old hands!


How up-to-date are you? When it comes to software always ensure you are using the latest available!


Old hands improved equipment - new market sectors where do you see the future?


Train, train, train can you ever know too much when it comes to acquiring accurate results?

We take your safety on site very seriously & that's why we need to tell you about care & maintenance of our handheld VOC detector for volatile organic compounds

PID Phocheck Tiger