Dear Customer

Thank you to all our customers. Despite the recent snow, record rainfall last year and continuing economic gloom you keep winning new business – I take my hat off to you.

In response Van Walt has reviewed, renewed and redesigned its business so we can continue to meet your needs. Please read on to find out about our pricing policy for the next 12 months, new equipment and other improvements we have made to secure your custom.

Daily I remind my team: without you there would be no Van Walt and we plan to do all we can to validate your trust in us.


Vincent van Walt

Logo Prices for 2013

Rental: for the third consecutive year rental prices have remained the same. A YSI Pro Plus water quality meter - the benchmark for what a field water quality meter should be - is still available from 183.70 for a two day express rental. If you rent equipment for longer periods the weekly rental cost reduces and bundle discounts are available when you rent two items or more - so a complete low flow sampling system: peristaltic pump, water quality meter and water level meter could attract an additional 10% discount on weekly rental prices.

Diver Water Level Loggers: prices for most of the Diver range from Schlumberger Water Services have reduced at the same time as reliability and accuracy have improved and we have introduced Diver-NETZ: an accurate, customisable, wireless system that quickly and easily collects groundwater data, particularly in difficult to access locations. It combines water level loggers and telemetry technology to better manage groundwater monitoring networks over longer distances and for longer periods. See below: Onsite PDAs -for our new field ready mobile computer that we supply with our Diver-NETZ system.

Groundwater Monitoring equipment: the price of our consumables has risen approximately 3% for 2013.

If you want to discuss prices and equipment in more details please call us on
01428 661660 or email

Logo Equipment Checks, Servicing & Repairs


We recognise the investment you make in your research equipment that’s why we offer, from as little as £50 per item, with discounts available for multiple pieces of equipment, an inspection service with calibration which includes a full report on the status of your equipment together with our observations and recommendations to keep it in tip-top condition.

Just like your car or van, your environmental equipment (YSI water quality meters, pumps, PIDs  and water level and oil interface meters) needs regularly servicing to extend its life, ensure reliability and best performance.

Call Gary on 01428 661660,

complete a service or repair form or email us with your requirements.

Logo Telemetry the 'sexy' end of groundwater monitoring?

When we talk about telemetry the eyes of all Van Walt's techies light-up; telemetry is definitely the progressive side of groundwater monitoring and soil research, but the question we should all be asking is: when is telemetry a sensible or even necessary solution?

Telemetry is a means of collecting and communicating data remotely. This can be by means of GPRS communication but also short or longer radio waves. In principle both methods have one thing in common: they are able to transmit collected data without the need for a physical presence or direct connection to the data collection device.


Logo Introducing the Compact Turbidity Meter


We have added the Compact Turbimeter to our rental fleet, to measure turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS). These two parameters are important for both surface and groundwater quality.


Logo Onsite PDAs

What should you expect from a field-ready, handheld computer? Well we've done the research for you and come up with the Nautiz X7 which is part of our rental package for the Diver-NETZ water level logging telemetry system.


Logo Research Equipment


Whether you're a researcher, geologist, geographer, archaeologist, agronomist or academic we have the soil and water research equipment you will need. Take our Window Sampling Systems, used throughout the world for collecting undisturbed soil samples to 10m depth where a sample tube is driven into the soil with a mechanical (petrol, electric or hydraulic) hammer (percussion drilling) and the sample is extracted manually or hydraulically.

The sample will show a virtually undisturbed horizon for logging and (sub) sampling.