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Travelling with your children

14th July 2019

I’d pick more daisies

9th June 2019

Save the drama for the llama

4th May 2019

Aqua4Plus Sensor Software gets Important Update

11th March 2019

Four days in Sicily

25th January 2019

An insatiable demand for data

17th January 2019

Company Blog

Groundwater – gets serious

Last week groundwater was in the news again – but for all the wrong reasons. As you know Van Walt likes to think of itself as all things groundwater so it’s not surprising we read the relevant articles...

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In praise of snails

Snails have been a major feature of my life recently. Tiny snails. Sometimes when I close my eyes at night I see thousands of tiny snails falling down in space. It’s easy to lose perspective when you...

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vanwaltCONNECT comes of age!

As we zoom towards the end of the year and with only 60 shopping days to Christmas, it’s a good time to reflect on one of our key items of equipment that has ‘come of age’ in 2015 – and the year...

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This just in: Snails flout convention and conservation theory falters in the field...

Questions, questions, questions – when you start a PhD that is all you have. Slowly, you pick the questions that are most interesting, find a method to address them, get some cash together to do the...

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What can you expect from Van Walt this autumn?

As the summer draws to a close and the leaves start to fall, at Van Walt we continue to look at change and how we can make the most of what’s new and different for our customers.

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What Van Walt does best?

As we continue to be fully immersed into our third year of business at Van Walt in Wanaka, New Zealand, we have come to reflect and focus on what has, so far, been the key to our success in such a short...

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Train to...

I'm sure we've all heard this phrase start countless times, it belongs to the soundscape that fills each and every train station.

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Summer is the silly season – not!

In the UK and in some other places, the silly season is the period lasting for a few summer months typified by more frivolous behaviour while the sun is shining and our summer holidays are calling! Yet,...

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When technology gets in the way of progress

Van Walt is a technology based company and we embrace new developments in equipment and techniques but today I learned about Behavioural Design: The Surprising Link between Ecommerce & Video Game Design...

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