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An insatiable demand for data

17th January 2019

Training at Van Walt

3rd December 2018

The world is getting smaller

4th November 2018

Environmental data to your desktop by telemetry. An elementary overview.

16th October 2018

Cannoli, Arancini and Montalbano

12th October 2018

Beauty alone is not enough

12th September 2018

Company Blog

We take the care of your equipment very seriously

When you buy equipment from us it’s our intention you are delighted with its performance and it delivers quality results for many years.

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Soil Sampling – the essential system for undisturbed samples

Van Walt is proud to offer three mechanical systems for obtaining undisturbed soil samples down to 10m: the Van Walt Window Sampling System, the Lost Cone Drilling Set and the STITZ Coring set for soft...

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New Base Plates for more accurate water quality sampling

In response to our recent update about water quality flow cells Lewis has broken out his favourite toys (laser cutter and TIG welder) to make some base plates for your YSI water quality meters. And they...

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LevelSCOUT – making a splash

LevelSCOUT continues to create a real splash! Our new logger of choice is proving to be: more accurate, reliable and flexible. Under test these loggers have consistently delivered 10 times more accurate...

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The new logger on the block: Introducing LevelSCOUT

Exciting news – from the 15th February 2016 we will now be offering a brand new non-vented or absolute water level logger, Van Walt’s LevelSCOUT from the stable of the Seattle based  manufacturer...

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Accurate Water Quality Measurements with a Flow Cell

To ensure your water quality measurements are accurate when using a YSI Pro Plus, ProDSS or EXO and flow cell, the flow cell should always be upright. This is not always easy to achieve as the flow cell,...

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Sampling VOC’s in soil is not as easy as you think?

As the government announces plans to directly commission the building of up to 13,000 homes on public land and a £1.2bn fund to help developers prepare underused brownfield land for building, for those...

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Christmas Wishes

At Christmas for us adults and businesses it’s our opportunity to think about family, friends, neighbours and the people we work with over the course of the year. Many of us see it as a time to remember...

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Groundwater – gets serious

Last week groundwater was in the news again – but for all the wrong reasons. As you know Van Walt likes to think of itself as all things groundwater so it’s not surprising we read the relevant articles...

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