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LevelSCOUT Four Years On

4th June 2020

Jo’s School, Cape Town

19th April 2020

Van Walt SA (Pty) Limited

18th April 2020

Jaume Ampuy 1920-2019

14th December 2019

Travels with Tracey

9th December 2019

Castles in the Sand

3rd October 2019

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Football fanatic - not?

As much as I would have preferred it if the English football team had performed better in the World Cup - unlike the rest of the nation it seems - I don’t feel their deserved quick exit from the championship...

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The last one has flown the nest......

.....but mercifully they keep on coming back!

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The value of customer feedback

Restaurants are judged by their last meal, photographers are judged by their last photograph and companies are judged by their last equipment or service they supply.

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What price oil?

The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico - the worst environmental disaster the US has faced – raises important questions way beyond whose fault was it anyway?

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The importance of a good night's sleep

This morning I managed to forget my bank login details then I bought too many dollars. I broke two computers and made all sorts of other small errors. This follows a number of nights of disturbed sleep...

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Is dissolved mercury absorbed by plastics?

From our technical expert and training course lecturer Jan Frank Mars:

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If money was no object …

… we would train, train, train.  The Government tells us: ‘education is the priority’, every CEO assures us that: ‘our people are our strength’ yet when times get tough, the first budget to...

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If I were Prime Minister

For us businessmen and women it is inconceivable that we would try to hide from financial reality. If our business was in a financial situation as bad as that of Great Britain PLC we would  sit down with...

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Autumn to Spring in 24 hours

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