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LevelSCOUT Four Years On

4th June 2020

Jo’s School, Cape Town

19th April 2020

Van Walt SA (Pty) Limited

18th April 2020

Jaume Ampuy 1920-2019

14th December 2019

Travels with Tracey

9th December 2019

Castles in the Sand

3rd October 2019

Company Blog

Do you prefer your suppliers to your daughter?

This last Sunday I told Mike, my son in law, that he should have asked for an instruction manual for Rosie as a wedding gift but that then he would have had to build a larger bookcase because such a document...

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Au revoir Wanaka

Wanaka airport is tiny. It has no control tower (the pilots just give their position and intentions to one another over the VHF) and in typical Kiwi style, to which I have now become accustomed,  there...

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News from New Zealand

Last night it snowed in the mountains. Yesterday, I was playing with my granddaughter in a tributary to the Matukituki river in the blazing late summer sun.

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Extolling the benefits of ‘no purge’ sampling

No purge sampling has been around since 2000 in the US and now, Van Walt, want to ensure it’s a groundwater sampling technique that becomes widely used in the UK.

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Looking to the year ahead

Our financial year ends 31st December. January is necessarily spent looking back at the previous year and for a portion playing catchup and getting to grips with the overindulgence of the Christmas break....

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Brits and Yanks: Are we separated by more than a common language?

Yet again I found myself in a remote and deserted location. It was coming up to midnight and I’d had a long flight from London to Los Angeles where I had an interminable wait for a flight to San Diego ...

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2011 - Expect big things from Van Walt

Firstly, a Happy New Year to all our customers and suppliers, thank you for your valued support, it is your continued custom that sustains us and allows us to develop and grow. Secondly, it may have been...

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Sunderbans, West Bengal, India

I'd never heard of the Sunderbans, Bengali for "beautiful jungle" and yet that's exactly where I found myself in the exalted presence of two professors, a senior human geographer and a PhD student from...

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The Baja Haha

Sitting in the Air New Zealand lounge at LA airport and sipping a glass of Kiwi Cabernet Sauvignon it is time to collect my thoughts and make sense of the whirlwind last two weeks. 

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