Bluebells, Biscuits & vanwaltKISSES!

Bluebells, Biscuits & vanwaltKISSES!

May 9, 2022

Here at Van Walt’s head office, we are lucky enough to be based in the beautiful Surrey countryside. That location brings many benefits, not least we have been able to create our very own environmental demo / test site. From augers, window sampling systems to remote data collection from sensors set-up in the fields, we have lots to show you when you visit. For example, under the Lime Trees, planted just a few years ago, we have more than 10 different types of sensors installed. Some measure groundwater level & temperature, others are monitoring the soil moisture content in a profile or at a set depth in the soil; still more collect pH, conductivity, redox and, more recently, the level of nitrates in the groundwater.

This range of sensors is connected to our vanwaltDataHub, vanwaltDataSlaves and, recently, the vanwaltKISS – Keep It Simple Sensing system. You can see the data from each of these directly on your phone or desktop – wherever you are in the country.


But it’s not just our loggers and telemetry we have on display for visitors to see and try. Our extensive range of soil augers, most of which are held in stock, is available and as we have the space to demonstrate it and let you try them for yourselves. As one customer recently said: “thank you so much for your all help and advice. Your enthusiasm and knowledge of your subject is refreshing,” when he sent through a picture of using his auger for the ‘inaugeral’ time!

Even for rental customers, dropping by the office allows you the opportunity to have a quick refresh from our rental technicians on using and maintaining the equipment. Whatever it takes to help you get the most from your equipment when back on site.

Call into our office at this time of year and you will catch the bluebells but even if we can’t put on the floral display, we are always ready with a cup of tea, biscuits and lots of vanwaltKISSES to share with you!


Ikky Izagaren

May 2022


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