Introducing David van Walt

August 3, 2020

Monday, 3rd August 2020, David van Walt starts with Van Walt Ltd in a position as joint Managing Director for the Group.

David is the eldest son of Kaja and Vincent van Walt who are the owners of Van Walt Limited. David is 42 and married with 2 children. He holds a degree from the University of Plymouth in Business Information Management Systems. David joined IBM straight from university and progressed with them for eleven years before moving to a specialist foreign exchange settlement bank, CLS, in Docklands, London. He was with CLS for ten years and resigned from his position there as Head of Service Management to join Van Walt. David brings with him vast big-business experience which will be invaluable to the Company.

For the foreseeable future David will be in training and slowly but surely he will be weaned into his new role. When that has been achieved, and it is likely to be two to three years, Vincent will step down as Managing Director and take up a new position as Chairman of the Board and by then will no longer be responsible for day to day management or the setting of strategy, both of which will reside with David.

Whereas David will be based at our Headquarters in Haslemere, Surrey, he will responsible for the whole Van Walt Group; UK, Spain, New Zealand and South Africa. He looks forward to this new challenge and is excited about getting to know our customers and suppliers and hopes to see some of them as soon as the current travel restrictions permit this.

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