Why we love the EXO!

March 13, 2017

The EXO advanced multiparameter water platform is a lovely piece of kit, beautifully engineered, using only the best materials and houses wet mateable high accuracy sensors with a fast response time. The internal battery allows 90 days use at typical logging intervals and communication to and from it can take place by cable or WiFi. You don’t need to be a gear head to appreciate the thought that went into the development and manufacture of this item.

The EXO 1 has a special place in Van Walt’s rental fleet. It is available in two configurations, both with the “standard” groundwater parameters (pH, EC, Redox, DO) so your choice is only whether to include turbidity. At a price starting at only £350 per week it is remarkable value for money. As with all Van Walt rental items it will come to you in a sturdy “Peli Case” with all the accessories needed for immediate field use. Naturally it comes to you fully calibrated and only after it has undergone the dozens of pre-rental checks.

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