We take the care of your equipment very seriously

April 26, 2016

When you buy equipment from us it’s our intention you are delighted with its performance and it delivers quality results for many years.

To ensure you continue to be confident in your Van Walt items we offer a full Health Check on most of the equipment we sell like the Advanced Peristaltic Pump, YSI Water Quality Meters, Geocontroller, Bladder Pump and many more.

We will write to you individually if you have purchased equipment from us but you don’t need to wait for us to remind you! If you would like to take advantage of our extensive Health Check on your item of Van Walt equipment give us a call on 01428 661 660, email service@vanwalt.com or complete our online form and we will get back to you with a price.

An example of one of our specific Health Checks for an Advanced Peristaltic Pump is:

• Testing operation and performance
• Inspect roller bearings and pipe clamp
• Check case and lid for any cracks/damage
• Remove lid, inspect lid O-rings/screws and foam seal
• Remove and capacity test the battery
• Inspect internal wiring for any damage or corrosion
• Bake/replace silica pack
• Remove mother board and inspect for any corrosion or water damage
• Check motor coupling tightness
• Check for any water ingress through charging port
• Test front plate and seal for water tightness
• Rebuild pump using correct torque settings
• PAT test the battery charger
• Test pump under load (with tubing)
• Clean
• Report findings/quote for any necessary parts.

All the above is available, for a limited period, for just £75 (offer ends 31st July 2016). The usual price for this would be £125. Our estimated turnaround time for this is two working days and we will even offer a discounted rental of £75 per week plus delivery charges and VAT, if you can’t be without your pump while it is with us.

Interested? – We hope so.

Get your kit back to ‘tip-top’ condition – call today.

Reece Munn

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