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March 9, 2015

This year we are celebrating 30 years in business. Thirty years supplying environmental monitoring equipment. We know a thing or two about soil, water and sediment sampling, monitoring, measuring and remediating!

Now we have the opportunity to take all our experience and combine that with the expertise and knowledge of our sister company, under the name of Van Walt.
Van Walt has been supplying world leading, best-in-class environmental research and groundwater monitoring equipment for more years than us. They are market leaders in their home market of the UK and fast developing a sizeable share of the New Zealand environmental sector.

Under one name, Van Walt, we can continue to offer you not only expertise and knowledge when it comes to choosing the best equipment for a project but access to one of the largest selections in Spain of environmental rental equipment. Renting equipment is an option growing rapidly among forward-thinking, fast moving environmental consultants and practitioners who need to manage costs but demand the best, without necessarily having the time and resources to source, maintain and service their equipment for immediate use.

After 30 years, changing our name is not something we do lightly. Our decision is based on a close working relationship of almost three years with the Van Walt group. Together we will pool our combined experience of over 65 years to give you – our valued customers – access to the best equipment available – whether buying or renting – for all your environmental research.

We are justly ‘Proud to be Different’ and anxious to demonstrate our commitment to delivering the best. We can’t wait to work with you in 2015.

Montse Ampuy

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