The Rain in Spain

October 3, 2014

Over the last few days our Spanish Office have reported that while we’ve been enjoying late autumn sunshine, in Catalonia it’s been raining – and not just on the plains!

Earlier this week torrential rains fell and, in some areas, more than 100 litres per square meter, or 10cm of rain were recorded. Here in the UK we may be more used to rain but, in and around Barcelona, parts of the rail and road network were overwhelmed during the heavy rainfall.
At one point Girona’s railway station was under 7 metres of water with the tracks looking like a fast flowing river rather than a high speed rail link.

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One of the theories for the extreme flooding was a blocked pipe, another was a failed pumping system – both are under investigation by the company responsible for Spain’s rail infrastructure.

Keeping the trains running, the motorways open and transport flowing in the event of extreme conditions is not easy and more and more organisations are relying on telemetry and early warning alarms to provide data that will give them valuable time to take the necessary steps to keep essential infrastructure operating.

That’s where our new AquiStar smart sensors come in. These highly accurate sensors detect minute changes in water parameters including level, pressure, temperature, conductivity, bromide, chloride, pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. Their ‘mm’ accuracy is an ideal requirement when it comes to measuring water levels in potential flood situations. AquiStar sensors deliver accurate data and can be set up with remote alarms so critical decisions can be made, like whether to pump or clear blocked drains.

For more information on these smart, vented sensors watch our introductory video or call us on +44(00)1428 661 660 for details.

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