New to our environmental rental fleet – Safe on Site package from Van Walt Ltd

September 24, 2014

At Van Walt we care about your safety onsite. That’s why we have introduced our new Safe on Site rental package of a PID, a handheld VOC detector for volatile organic compounds with an LEL Personal Protection Monitor, a portable gas detector for flammable gases, oxygen and a wide range of toxic gases.

Many of you are already familiar with the ATEX certified Phocheck Tiger PID – a tough, reliable and accurate detector which is easy to use and has a wide range of 1 part per billion (ppb) to 20,000 parts per million.

With equally impressive credentials is our robust and accurate LEL Personal Protection Monitor from GMI which we can configure according to your site requirements, to detect a combination of Methane (or other flammable gases), Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide.

Why the two together?

PID technology is ideal for broad spectrum analysis of airborne compounds.  It can be a useful sampling tool but more importantly can keep you safe onsite by monitoring air quality.

The perfect complement to PID technology is the LEL monitor.  The reason the two units together are a match made in heaven is that LEL technology can smell/burn compounds that PIDs cannot.  PIDs cannot ‘see’ smaller hydrocarbon compounds like Methane, Ethane, Acetylene and (naturally) Hydrogen.  The common denominator with all these compounds – they are flammable/explosive!

As a general rule – if it burns the LEL monitor can detect it – and therefore gives you advanced warning before concentrations reach dangerous (explosive) levels. Keeping you much safer onsite.

Combined PID/LEL monitors are now also available but we’ve decided to supply separate units because feedback from the field suggests that you prefer two units to one.  Why? The PID, while keeping you safe, is also an excellent sampling device.  Having these two units separate means you can use your PID onsite to sample headspaces while the LEL unit remains firmly on your lapel performing the job of keeping you out of trouble.  A single unit PID like the Phocheck Tiger also gives a much faster response and is able to record up to 20,000 ppm whereas most (reasonably priced) combined instruments will usually not go beyond 1000 ppm.

We have chosen this particular LEL monitor (GMI PS241) for a few reasons.  Firstly, thanks to you, we identified the usefulness of a pumped unit.  A pumped unit allows for faster reaction and recovery times.  This means earlier warning and less downtime onsite.  We are also particularly impressed with the prompt and professional service from GMI from admin to technical backup which allows us to offer the same excellent service to you. The unit itself is a convenient and ergonomic size with a robustness that inspires confidence.

To find out more read our latest blog: Keeping safe on site – it’s a serious business (add link).

Van Walt is renting these two pieces of equipment – that you should really have to keep you safe onsite – calibrated, serviced and tested for ‘out-of-Pelicase’ performance – at the same weekly price as a PID. Also inside the case, aside from all necessary peripherals will be two gases (Isobutylene and LEL mixture) so you can carry out your regular bump tests.

Why not upgrade your PID rental to our on-site safety package at no additional cost? Tempted? To find out more call us on 01428 661 660 or email – to keep safe onsite.

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