Auger, auger on the wall – who is the fairest of them all?

September 24, 2014

Call me biased but Van Walt’s augers are definitely the fairest of them all!

Our augers are extremely useful soil research tools. Almost any type of soil has its own demands when deciding on the type of auger to use to take a sample. Over the years many different types of auger and auger heads have been developed and Van Walt is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of augers in the UK – whatever your soil type!

By adding extension rods, with a bayonet or conical thread fitting, to an auger you can take samples from even greater depths. Realistically down to 8-10 meters can be achieved with our augers and extension rods. The maximum sampling depth depends on various factors including depth of the groundwater, the soil profile and the characteristics of the material the auger has to pass through.

Our augers, as with any tool or piece of equipment, have to meet certain requirements like:

–  they must be efficient, so whatever the soil type the augers can be executed fast and accurately

–  our augers are solid and strong, as they are still, to this day, hand forged in the Netherlands

–  our augers are light and easy to handle so can be easily transported to site

–  being manufactured of a high grade non-toxic steel with a carefully selected hardening treatment that contributes to a wear resistant and solid design.

We supply augers for cohesive clay soils, non-cohesive sandy soils, course sand and extremely dry sandy soils and a combination auger which gets a good hold of sandy material while clayey soils can be fairly easily removed. In our range we also have riverside augers, stony soil augers spiral augers, stone catchers and soft soil augers and the list goes on ….. but whatever your need – they are definitely the fairest of them all!

Watch our short film to see the different range of Van Walt augers or visit our soil augering pages: Hand Augers, Soil Core Samplers, Undisturbed Soil Sampling and Soil Sampling Accessories on



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