The business of trust

May 12, 2014

Last month marks my father’s 38th year of work.

Growing up in the house of a master carpenter and self-employed builder, I learned about the importance of a good professional reputation – and how long it takes to build one. With Dad’s career based in our home town of Waterford, I can’t throw a stone without hitting a bar that was hand carved by him, a house he built from the foundations up, or a satisfied customer of his. The only thing more reliable than his joinery is his word.

As long as Dad has been building his business, Vincent has been doing the same thing 300 miles away. Both now have a thriving family business built on trust and quality. I’m very proud to bring what I already know to VW and become a part of an excellent team.

Here in Van Walt every day I learn something more about you the customer, about our equipment, and how to combine my knowledge of the two to provide a great service. We‘re always working hard and always learning here – the same lessons Dad taught me all my life. I hope he’s as proud of me as I am of him!

Megan Winters

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