Let’s talk about Fairness

After attending one of our internal training sessions on the core values of the company some very interesting facts emerged for me when we were discussing the meaning, relevance and interpretation of ‘Fairness’.

Such a simple word that throws up many surprising definitions and relationships, particularly in comparison with some of our other core values like ‘Justness’, ‘Honesty’ and ‘Trustworthiness’.  We discussed what is right in different customer scenarios, how we need to behave in a non-discriminatory way with equality of outcomes both internally when dealing with each other and externally.  Out of all the words and phrases we came up with, no single definition or word could replace ‘fairness’ and how we deliver that concept in all we do.

For myself and listening to discussions with my colleagues I came to the conclusion that a combination of two words – Compromise and Negotiation – came the closest to describing a good outcome in the execution of any transaction between Van Walt Ltd and our customers.  These two words seem to reach a point of agreement and satisfaction that both parties can relate to – fairness.

It would be interesting if any of you – our customers – have any thoughts and examples on what is fairness?

The image below, from Facebook, sums it up for me:


Bill Dean
Stock Room Controller