Bailers – we sell thousands of these innocuous items to purge and/or sample wells and open water. But more often than not Bailers are being replaced by low flow sampling systems, passive or no purge sampling sets like the Snap Sampler. If your requirement is for high volume purging or sampling,  then, depending on the depth and amount of suspended solids in the groundwater, a Geosub pump or MP1 pump might be better suited, the latter going down to 90 meters.

If your choice is to use a Bailer to sample then our HDPE Bailers have many benefits over alternatives. They are simple in application as a result of considerable research and development being manufactured from hallmarked HDPE. Weighted, so they fill and sink quickly in wells as small as 1-inch, our Bailers are quick and easy to use, even when sampling at depth. Our bailers are covered by a Certificate of Cleanliness verifying the strict and secure manufacturing procedures adopted by our suppliers.

If you need to sample a floating product layer then a Liquid Layer Sampler which ‘captures’ a liquid profile allowing you to study the water/product interface is more accurate. Our Liquid Layer Sampler is manufactured from Teflon and stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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