Eijkelkamp Product Seminar 2013

October 3, 2013

To feel like a child is one of the dreams of many people when hair is disappearing from our head and age near 50… For this, nothing like an intensive week of training and product seminar at Eijkelkamp Agrisearch, in Giesbeek, The Netherlands, as the one we had last week of September. It was a pleasure for me to attend this seminar, 17 years after my first time… and share tables and chairs with the sons of some of my colleagues from that time! And more pleasure yet to spend that time with my English colleagues, Amanda and Jess, face to face instead of by long calls. For sure they also enjoyed getting wet and dirty of mud!

During 4 days, we were using all kind of soil and water sampling and analysis equipment, with practical sessions together with theoretical approaches to every technique.

From soil sampling with Edelman augers (and emptying…)

Eij 1

To sediment sampling with all kind of samplers:

Van Veen grab, that opens when reaching the sediment…


Eij 3.

Ekman grab, opened by a messenger….

Eij 4

Eij 5

Russian auger, easy visual inspection of profiles…

Eij 6

Eij 7

Vrijwit …

Eij 8

Beeker sampler, allows transportation of simple in the same simple container…

Eij 9

Sampling open waters with Watertrap…

Eij 10

Turbidity and sediment depth checks…

Eij 11

Eij 12

Bailer boring monitoring Wells (jumping on the well!!!)…

Eij 13

Sampling groundwater with Advanced Peristaltic Pump

Eij 14

Physical analysis in the field: Aardvark Permeameter…

Eij 15

Ksat Permeameter…

Eij 16


Eij 17


Eij 18


Eij 19

And finally, more relaxed times in the lab…

Eij 20

Eij 21

Last but not least… Thanks to all the Eijkelkamp Agrisearch staff that made us enjoy during the seminar for their dedication and friendliness. Together with the technical knowledge we got, there are also the memories of a passionate kart race and Kenyan cooking .

See you soon!

Ramon Quiles
Analab sa.

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