So as I step off one plane into the next to finalise a few things before the year end, I look back on 2012.
The birth of beautiful Amelie, my gorgeous fourth grandchild, the establishment of a new branch in New Zealand and the purchase of our subsidiary Analab in Barcelona are just some of the highlights.

None of this would have been possible without my stalwart team, all of whom need a special mention: Yvonne, 21 years my right hand man, Ikky the smiling face of Van Walt, Tracey who keeps Van Walt on the map, bubbly Jessica who buries her head in facts and figures, Amanda always ready with a smile and an Espresso, quiet Jess who has got to grips with our ISO and In Design, Lewis who likes to fiddle with equipment innards, steady Gary the YSI guru, Bill who makes sure that stock is maintained to a satisfactory level, Dirk who keeps himself motivated even 20,000 km away, brave and dedicated Montse who runs Analab with Candi and Ramon. Everyone, thank you so much!

Then there are the suppliers with the dedicated people who try keep us happy: Natasa at Eijkelkamp, Joe, Jeff and Bashir at Geotech, Sandy of ProHydro who braves the wrath of his namesake to travel to Ireland to assist in a complex installation, Darren at YSI, Mike at Tidy Design who keeps our website fresh, Matt, Michael and countless others at Ramsac responsible for our IT and not least Sharon who keeps us on the straight and narrow on accountancy. Thank you so very much.

But then nothing would be possible without you, our loyal customers. Wilton says it so well: “… I trust I have convinced you that I am not one who puts commercial elements ahead of Quality and Customer satisfaction. To achieve this I need to have long and trusting relationships with my suppliers….” This is what we strive for and I thank you all for your confidence and trust. It means a lot to me.

A very happy Christmas!
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Vincent van Walt