Saving your bacon!

July 5, 2012

You are on a lunch break and catching up with the latest news on the VW website ……  or more likely watching the foul mouthed Ray William Johnson or maybe watching the Professional Russian blow something up.

The list of light entertainment online is endless.  How are we to compete for your attention?  I have a solution! By means of deception….

Did you know that much of our equipment is on YouTube!  YSI, Aquaread, Eijkelkamp,  Geotech to name a few all have their own channels.

The DART project is also flying the Van Walt flag for us.

These videos, while falling short on entertainment and explosions are informative, useful and a legitimate way of spending company time!

So here is our gift to you.  If on occasion you are watching Charlieissocoollike on the company time, remember to leave a tab open on one of the above channels.  It may just save your bacon when the boss walks in and asks what you are up to.

I leave you with my current favourite video for your enjoyment by nothinghereok.  Over 1million views in the last month.

Dirk van Walt

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