Progress – you bet!

June 28, 2012

Today I came across a container we used to dispatch Divers in for delivery to customers.  It looked like a presentation box you might get a special bottle of whiskey in, or a rather lovely carton of exclusive perfume.  To me it looked like it enclosed something expensive and precious and I couldn’t help but wonder why we weren’t still using these carriers, branded in our new grey and orange livery, to send out the Diver® water level loggers – it would look very professional!

NO, NO, NO was the response from our technical team!

We send out Divers, in very utilitarian plastic blister cases designed specifically to protect the instruments in transit.  All pressure transducers are sensitive to stress and Diver is no exception and stress caused by a delivery driver throwing parcels to the back of his van to make room for more, will do nothing to ensure your logger accuracy in the field.

So to protect your Divers in transit we pack them in specifically designed plastic boxes and further protect them with ‘bubble wrap’. These plastic boxes are shock proof and we also recommend that customers keep their instruments in this packaging when not in use.

Progress – you bet!

Tracey Daley

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