Water Management for Mines

June 13, 2012

Water management for mines is a complex area and some of the largest and most successful companies in the world provide services to the mining industry but at Van Walt we are interested in groundwater monitoring in and around a mine.

Successful groundwater management can mean the difference between a mine operating at a profit or operating at a loss. Managing the groundwater around a mine from exploration and initial permitting through operations and closure/reclamation is essential in order to maintain the quality and quantity of the groundwater in the area. Regular and reliable measuring and monitoring of groundwater levels is important and one of the preferred ranges of instruments to do this is Diver® water level loggers.

These water level loggers and supporting software and readout options set the standard in reliability and accuracy for all groundwater projects.

From the Micro-Diver, the most compact groundwater level logger in its class that can fit into virtually any monitoring well to provide reliable measurements of groundwater levels and temperature to the corrosion resistant CTD-Diver that measures conductivity, temperature and water level in even the most corrosive environments, the Diver range is the most extensive, most flexible and one of the most accurate for long term monitoring.

For more information on water level loggers for mineral exploration visit https://www.vanwalt.com/water-level-loggers-diver-e-Sense.html#minidiver or call us on +44 (0) 1428 661 660.

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