Renting your environmental equipment makes sense

May 15, 2012

For all our rental equipment we go to great lengths to ensure that it reaches you in perfect working order. We clean and service the equipment before it is dispatched. Repairs are done as and when required and all the equipment is tested before you receive it. Our processes are documented and available for inspection at any time.

Why do we go to such lengths each time, every time for our rental equipment? Because when you’re on site we know the equipment needs to arrive on time and work immediately, giving you accurate readings you and your customers can rely on.

That’s why, in addition to ensuring the equipment is in excellent order, we provide detailed support material: Quick Start Guides, Fact Sheets, Calibration Certificates and Return Audit Sheets; we are available to help and guide you through setting up and maintaining your equipment onsite, by phone, email or in person, if required and for many rental items we have short films so you can see for yourself how something should work, available from our website.  But all these things are only worthwhile if you use them – if you need to.

We don’t encourage you to pass rental items from one job to the next, not for any other reason than we like to carry out the relevant checks after each project and we will have documented who the equipment was for and therefore who is responsible for it while it’s onsite.

Once again we encourage you to trial our system and talk to us about your specific requirements – we are here to help.

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