Promoting accuracy when monitoring water levels

May 1, 2012

Every water level monitoring project is unique, you select the most appropriate Diver logger(s) for the conditions and place your Baro in position to accurately capture changes in atmospheric pressure. A Baro-Diver is critical when you need the absolute groundwater pressure as its readings are subtracted from the Diver measurements to give you the exact and compensated values of the water levels.

One Baro-Diver will cover a radius of up to 30 sq kms, depending on the topography. What’s important is the position of the Baro-Diver in the monitoring well. 

We have put together an Information Sheet with best practice guidelines on the recommended position of the Baro-Diver to ensure data accuracy.  Click here to download the information or call us on 01428 661 660 if you would like more information.

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