Let’s talk Level Loggers – let’s talk clichés

April 11, 2012

As you know we are proud to sell the Diver™ range of Water Level Loggers from Schlumberger Water Services and we have always known they were the original and, you’d be disappointed if we didn’t say it: the best. But the more research we do into this equipment and other loggers on the market, the more we seem to have to talk in clichés!

Firstly – always read the small print – how big is your well, if you are monitoring a 1” well will the logger fit? How often do you need to capture information?  Will you need to be on site to retrieve data and will you want to alter settings in the future? What accuracy is required to ensure your research is robust?

How about – comparing apples with pears – are you looking for a level logger for long term monitoring with good long term stability? Are you monitoring in brackish water so need a logger that can be used in very harsh conditions? Do you need a vented system or will your environment dictate a robust, easily deployable logger is better suited? What about pump tests – does your logger give you this option?

The devil is in the detail – just what are the readout options for your chosen logger, are there options?  Can you introduce telemetry immediately or at a later date? What are the different depths the logger is rated to and do these options give you enough flexibility when it comes to your monitoring well? An incorrect rating could affect accuracy. How long is the equipment guaranteed for?

And finally – it’s not just about what you know but who you know – will your supplier know how to retrieve data in-house should monitoring be interrupted? Will they come on-site and help you set up a logging system with telemetry, if needed? Can they provide you with training, site support and access to wider data retrieval, monitoring, analysis and modelling service on a scale of anything from 20 loggers to 20,000?  Can you rent as well as buy a logger? Will they send you chocolates for Valentine’s Day?

We have always advocated only selling the right equipment for a specific project and in defence of the poor level logger – when you get the right logger it should give you exactly the data you need, when you don’t invest the time in looking for exactly what you need or don’t ask enough questions from the supplier or check equipment specifications you could end up as the: bad workman who always blames his tools!

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