Think Auger – think Van Walt

March 23, 2012

For more than 30 years we have been selling augers for soil sampling, from single hand augers through to complete window sampling systems, we have the specific auger for your needs.  What’s interesting about these environmental augers is each is a tool for life (if you take reasonable care of them) and they often form the basis of an environmental consultant’s arsenal of research equipment.

If you are serious about accurate research results then the type of auger you choose is vital because to achieve optimal results the soil you are researching will have a bearing on the type of auger head. Generally there are four types depending on whether you are sampling clay, sand, course sand or a combination.

Clay soils are very cohesive so the blades of the auger head are narrow so there is less resistance. Sandy soils are not cohesive so to keep the sample contained the blades are much broader. Course sand and extremely dry sand has no cohesion at all so the blades of this auger are extended with wings to form an almost closed auger.  In addition we offer our combination auger head which combines the elements of each of the other types to deliver good all round performance. Can you spot which is which from the picture?  Email you answers to

Each auger comes with a host of accessories: handles, extension rods, bayonet connection or a conical screw thread connection.  You can also have ergonomic handles designed to make soil sampling easier on the body – especially for those individuals who spend a lot of time undertaking this research.  For more information visit our specialist soil augering pages or call us on 01428 661 660.

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