Did you know you can rent samplers from Van Walt?

February 23, 2012

Van Walt Ltd is the only company in the UK to offer samplers like the Multisampler, Van Veen Grab, Beeker Sampler and Liquid Layer Sampler as a rental item for environmental research.

“These samplers are proving extremely popular,” says Lewis, Van Walt’s rental technician. “It must be very frustrating for a consultant to quote for a job, a one-off project where they are sampling sediment, perhaps from a boat and they need a specialist piece of kit.  All of a sudden their quote no longer looks competitive when they have to factor in the cost of a new piece of equipment which they may never use again or if they do it will be in five years’ time. By offering a rental option from as little as £55 per week they have a specialist instrument designed specifically for the task in-hand and their quote will look very competitive,” said Lewis.

So if you are sampling sediments and require a profile,  we have the choice of a Multisampler or Beeker sampler. For the quick identification of a sediment type a Van Veen Grab (available in different sizes) is ideal, giving a semi-disturbed surface sample from rivers, lakes and large sumps. It is easy to deploy, simply suspended on a wire and is also straightforward to clean and decontaminate as it is made from stainless steel.

If you are sampling chemical waste our Liquid Layer sampler is ideal for measuring the thickness of the floating layer in drums, tanks on lorries, gully holes and shallow oil separators. It is also suitable for depth specific samples. The see-through tube allows for immediate analysis in the field or the sample can be safely transferred in the liquid proof tube and with the silicon piston accessory it is also possible to sample thicker, viscous fluids or even a sludge layer while maintaining the thickness of the layers. The Liquid Layer Sampler is available as rod-operated or cable-operated, the latter is particularly suitable for sampling in deeper containers, boreholes and monitoring wells with a diameter in excess of 38mm.

For more information on hiring environmental monitoring equipment visit: https://www.vanwalt.com/home.html or email sales@vanwalt.com for a copy of the 2012 Rental Price List.

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