Customers – do you like the way we do business?

October 25, 2011

I recently saw a Blog entitled: 50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew . A customers ‘wish list’ when it comes to buying from a supplier.  I thought it would be interesting to blog about what, as a supplier, we wished our customers knew/did before contacting us and placing an order.

Customers, please take this in the spirit that it is intended. You already know Van Walt takes pride in not being like other suppliers, we go out of our way to be different, to make sure you get the right equipment/service for a particular project/job. That means you need to communicate with us as we really, really need to know as much as possible about you and your work in order to get you the right equipment and so win your trust.

So, in an ideal world, here are our top 20 things we wished our customers knew did before placing an order….

1. We’re not perfect, our equipment isn’t perfect but we have processes and procedures in place to try and minimise mistakes but this theory is  only as good as the information you give us.  Please be prepared to tell us as much as you can about your project so we can ensure we recommend the right equipment.

2. In the event of a mistake – yours or ours – you can rely on us, we will work tirelessly to rectify a situation.

3. We will also admit when we are wrong or have made a mistake, we hope you feel confident enough to do the same.

4. If we don’t know the answer to something we will tell you – we want to be completely honest with you – we want you to trust us – will you do the same?

5. If we’ve got it right and you are happy with our equipment/service – please tell your colleagues, your recommendation means more than any advertisement we might place.

6. We will do everything we say we will – will you?

7. Please, if your job/project is urgent give us adequate time to get your equipment to you, we don’t want you onsite, unable to work because equipment hasn’t arrived.

8. We try to be as helpful and as friendly as possible on the phone, online and onsite – a friendly response to our suggestions is all that we ask for.

9. We monitor our prices and aim to consistently give you value for money – if you think we have let you down on this front – tell us.

10. We want you to tell us what we could do to serve you better – if you don’t tell us we won’t know.

11. We have a lot of experience and expertise we like to share with you and sometimes we send out mailings – some of it promotional, some of it technical all designed to help you do your job more effectively, we label our information accordingly – please take the time to read this.

12. If our communications are not clear or too numerous – please tell us.

13. We promise never to take your custom and loyalty for granted, our business ethos is to be open and honest in all that we do, please constantly test and monitor our progress.

14. If you will let us we want to take care of all your environmental equipment needs, are you ready for this commitment?

15. If you don’t like our website, paperwork, telephone manner or anything else in terms of the way we do business – tell us, we won’t be offended if it makes your work easier.

16. Our relationship isn’t equal and it never will be – we know it’s all about you, forgive us if we try too hard to win your fidelity.

17. You hate salespeople, but you really need to buy equipment – we really want to sell you stuff and we’re not all salespeople; surely we can find a meeting of minds?

18. Sometimes we like to tell you about new ways of doing things – usually this is for your benefit not ours – why not give something new a try?

19. We know you believe you deserve more than we can deliver but we’re in it for the long term so even if you don’t know what it is you need we will help you figure it out.

20. We know you need to please and delight your own customers so, if you’ll let us we will help: we get sales and you get happy customers and more orders: win/win.

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