Know your pump!

August 5, 2011

The pump is an essential part of your remediation equipment tool kit but how well do you know pumps and, more importantly, the best pump to use?

For Van Walt, when it comes to pumps, we’ve made it our business to know what’s what and we like nothing better than to share that information, so whether you’re remediating, sampling or purging; your head of water is 5 or 500 metres; you have a high, low or no flow rate and the volume of suspended sediments is unknown – we will know the best pump for you.

There are different pumps for sampling, developing and purging. The size of your head of water will have an impact on your choice of pump, so to the size of your well, the flow rate, the presence of any suspended solids, if there is the potential for the pump to run dry and last but certainly not least: do you need to move product?

It’s fair to say that with more than 30 years in the environmental research business we know a thing or two about pumps. We have travelled the world finding the best and most suitable types of pump for all the many and varied aspects of environmental research. This means that if you can tell us the field conditions, any restrictions you may have and what are your objectives/requirements we will be able to offer you the right pumping solution whether that’s a peristaltic, impeller type, bladder or total fluid pump. Whether you need a solar, air, battery or generator powered pump our selection is extensive with many available to rent as well as buy.

Put us to the test – call today on +44 (0)1428 661 660.

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