Our new Multi Pump Controller has it all!

April 6, 2011

You must forgive our enthusiasm for our latest pump controller but, for us, it ticks all the boxes!

For the last two months we have been continuously running a Multi Pump Controller plus four Reclaimer pumps from a 12 volt battery powered by a solar panel and, throughout that period, it hasn’t faltered.  The system’s credentials as an environmentally friendly solution for long term, remote, uninterrupted well development or remediation in 2” or 4” wells is unique and we are delighted to offer systems as rentals or to purchase.

With no moving parts down well which often require regular unblocking and maintenance, this extremely durable system could prove both cost effective as well as being very easy to operate wherever it is deployed. 

When combined with an air supply and Total Fluid Pump Reclaimers this system is ideal for remediating wells, well development and long term dewatering.

For more information click here of call us on 01428 661 660.

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