Water Quality Meters

November 10, 2010

Current environmental water sampling standards prescribe the analysis of different parameters which need to be carried out in the field to improve or monitor the quality of freshwater lakes, streams and rivers, groundwater and their dependant ecosystems, estuaries and coastal waters.  The most commonly measured parameters are: pH, Electrical Conductivity, Redox/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity.

Water quality meters which are used in the field to take these measurements, unlike those used in the laboratory, need to satisfy the demands of a harsh environment.  They need to be robust, reliable and easy to calibrate.

With more than 25 years experience in the environmental sector we are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for YSI Environmental Monitoring and Water Quality Systems for groundwater applications and offers a range of single, dual or multiparameter meters either for use with a flow through cell or by direct measurements in a monitoring well.  Each provides reliable, quality data with a minimum of downtime and low maintenance costs.

In addition, we offer a range of water quality meters to rent, including the MCERTS certificated YSI 6820 that measures all the usual parameters including the increasingly important Turbidity.  This meter is fully digital which means quicker stability achievement.

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