As part of our yearly routine supplier audit it was my pleasure to visit Geotech in Denver Colorado.

Geotech is one of Van Walt’s most important suppliers. As US leaders in the environmental research and remediation equipment sectors it is our privilege to work together and represent them in the UK and Ireland.

Their premises on the outskirts of Denver are impressive to say the least.

Their positioning as market leader shows through from the fabric of the building, the cleanliness and order of their manufacturing plant and their dedication to the fine details of manufacturing equipment of excellence.

Jeff Popiel, owner/director leads a well motivated team of almost 100 who excel not only in sales and production but also in product development. At the head of this section, Joe Leonard, an electrical engineer, dedicates his time to the development of new products and continually fine tuning existing core products. These include the bladder and stainless steel pumps which are not only innovative but excellently placed to meet the stringent requirements of environmental research and remediation users.

Despite the severe recession experienced in the United States, Geotech has not only maintained their position but also strengthened their product development by achieving, among others, CE rating on a number of their pumps and they continue to work hard towards achieving ATEX rating on some of their remediation equipment.

This may seem normal for us on this side of the pond but for an American company to embark on this complicated set of, for them, new requirements shows amazing forward thinking and commitment to the future.

Joe Leonard’s precision, backed by Jeff Nimmo and others who have substantial field experience means that the products which you ultimately use are the most modern and up to date products currently on the market.

But it’s not all work and their love of beer and competitive spirit has led them to start producing their own beer; in their spare time of course! I believe Jeff has now achieved the highest status possible with his ‘Geobru’ registering almost 6 percent alcohol. I’m somewhat relieved however that it wasn’t quite ready for a tasting as alcohol and jetlag make a poor combination!

The boss Jeff Popiel sterilising the beer bottles

Joe and partner Danielle bottling


Vincent van Walt
Wanaka 13th April 2010