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Van Walt ‘in the field’

Sheffield, April 2009

Sponsoring Geoarchaeology, Sheffield, April 2009

Van Walt was delighted to support Geoarchaeology 2009 at Sheffield University. The conference looked at cutting edge interactions between archaeology, geography and other Earth Sciences and included topics like:

  • Developing geoarchaeological theory
    • Landscape and place
    • Linking across or between scales
    • Integration of multiscale datasets
  • Interpretations of dynamic interactions between people and their landscapes
  • The interface between academic and applied approaches
  • Novel techniques
    • GIS and remote sensing/survey
    • Integration of different/complementary approaches

We were on site to demonstrate our equipment including our percussion drilling sets, auger sets, samplers and anything else we could pack into a car!

While there a picture of our pink MRZB proved a great topic of conversation with many of the delegates keen to upgrade their percussion drilling sets. The rig is available in any colour - including pink!

Geoarchaeology 2009Sponsoring Geoarchaeology

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