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Van Walt In-Line Filters

On site in-line filtration is required when sampling or monitoring groundwater for contamination and metals. Both these types of In-Line Filters have 0.45 micron pores. It is more economical to use the larger filters when the water is dirty. The filters are hallmarked and the larger filters have been tested for over 100 parameters.

Available with a high capacity filter area of 700cm2 or a medium capacity filter area of 350cm2.

Groundwater Monitoring

A range of equipment to meet all your groundwater monitoring needs

That water is a precious commodity speaks for itself and is the reason for the establishment, in 2000, of the European Water Framework Directive (EWFD). This has a direct impact on all water sources and it is particularly interesting in our sector that there should be a presumption that groundwater should not be polluted at all.

When it comes to groundwater sampling pumps we've made it our business to know what's what. So whether you're remediating, sampling or purging; your head of water is 5 or 500 metres; you have a high, low or no flow rate and the volume of suspended sediments is unknown – we'll have the right groundwater sampling pump, to hire or buy, for you.

We have a groundwater sampling pump for every eventuality so whether you are sampling, developing or purging there are some hard and fast rules to adhere to when selecting a pump: know your head of water, the size of your well, flow rate, presence of suspended solids, potential for pump to run dry and whether you need to move product.

With more than 30 years in the business if you tell us the field conditions, restrictions and requirements we will be able to offer you the right pumping solution whether it's a peristaltic, impeller type, bladder or total fluid pump.

Regulatory directives such as the EWFD have had a huge impact on the development of better water sampling devices and water quality meters and standards are continually being improved by introductions of schemes such as MCERTS and new guidelines are continuously being published and an interesting read is: Ground-Water Sampling Guidelines for Superfund and RCRA Project Managers.

At Van Walt we spend much time, money and effort to keep up with developments. We do this through a continuous programme of staff training, regular dialogue with manufacturers for improved groundwater monitoring equipment which complies with current standards and we introduce ever increasingly stringent and auditable internal reports of equipment performance. The health and safety of our customers is paramount and we have chosen pumps which can run on low voltage DC, we supply post rental calibration certificates and are developing and offering tailored and product specific training to our customers.

In consequence of this ongoing development we have a range of pumps, groundwater monitoring quality meters, water level monitoring equipment and sampling devices available for purchase or rent which meet the up to date requirements of our customers involved in environmental research of ground and surface water. In many cases, we are making available accessories for remote monitoring by a selection of telemetry options which offer secure transmission to your desktop. Data security is paramount and the newer modems are ensuring that data loss is not only minimised but in some cases eliminated by the inclusion of duplicate data options.

Our groundwater monitoring equipment programme offers a wide choice so that the right tool can be chosen for the right job for uncompromised, consistent and repeatable results.

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