Bring on normality!

June 5, 2017

We are proud to work in the environmental sector providing equipment for groundwater, water and soil research; monitoring; measuring and collection. Helping you make the environment safer and better by offering equipment solutions for over 35 years; so you would think we would know what ‘normal’ was?

Predicting what’s going to be our most popular rental items used to be much easier, it was there or there-abouts, the same as last month. Not now. It seems your projects are as diverse as your equipment requirements! I’m pleased we made the decision several years ago to ensure we have one of the largest selections of groundwater and environmental rental equipment in the UK so you can be confident we will likely have what you need from PIDs, water level loggers, handheld water quality meters to sediment samplers.

Look out for a short survey we will be sending out in the next few weeks so you can tell us if there is anything else you would like to see. If you want to have a ‘say’ beforehand email and I will ensure you get the chance to vote. In the meantime visit our new webshop where you can easily and quickly place your next order for rental, consumables and level loggers.

For our industry it’s not surprising that the environment hasn’t received many headlines during the election campaign particularly when there is so much else to cover but for those who would like a quick summary of where the parties sit when it comes our sector The Guardian compares the four main parties environmental promises.

Let’s hope that after next week, when you have made your choice, placed your vote and the winner is announced, that life gets back to ‘normal’ – whatever ‘normal’ may mean!

Yvonne Coonan

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