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Peristaltic Pump (Advanced)


The Peristaltic Pump - Advanced is an electronic peristaltic pump with advanced memory option. This reliable and universal electronic peristaltic pump can create a perfect vacuum; it is a versatile pump for sampling and purging in shallow wells. Peristaltic Pumps are used for low flow sampling of groundwater; this pump is perfect for the attachment of an in-line filter, for use with a flow-through cell and multi parameter probes. Available with optional auto shut off to assist compliance with the latest standards and directives when low flow sampling in monitoring wells.


  • Reliable and easy to use and maintain
  • Splash proof for use in the field (IP64)
  • Built in maintenance free battery that runs between 2 and 5 hours depending on conditions & charging
  • Can pump product and water even if it contains sediment
  • Optional auto shut-off for draw-down control
  • Cheap disposable tubing - no chance of cross contamination.

Specifications: Peristaltic Pump Advanced

Technical specifications
Weight: 13kgs and is easy to transport
Power supply: Internal battery
Battery: 2 - 5 Hours depending on conditions and charging
Head lift of water: 9.5m
Voltage: 12 volt
Product material: Stainless steel, teflon
Flow rate: 2.2 Litres per minute

Videos, Manuals & Downloads

Low flow sampling with a Peristaltic Pump Video

Basic Operations Video


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Stainless Steel Geosub Pump

The SS Geosub Pump is a low voltage, stainless steel, submersible sampling and purging pump. It has a number of attributes which make it the ideal environmental groundwater sampling and purging tool. This pump is powered by DC voltage making it very safe to use. It is suitable for continuous operation and is tolerant of sediments, except clay.

The pump is capable of impressive flow rates and will serve well as a combined sampling and purging pump to depths up to 45 metres. It is packed with convenient features like the dry-run power-save, easy decontamination, and field replaceable motor leads (kits available).

Submersible Pumps

These Gigant submersible impeller type pumps fit in a 2-inch well. Pumping capacities are up to 8 litres/minute and each pump has a head lift of 8 metres. Up to 3 booster pumps can be added to increase lift up to approximately 30 metres. These pumps require a 12V battery or can be run off a peristaltic pump.

Bladder Pumps & Geocontrol Pro

A small, portable, very efficient package that includes a built-in high efficiency electrical compressor and optional auto shut off makes these bladder pumps ideal low flow groundwater sampling pumps capable of pumping from depths of up to 60 metres. The small electric compressor uses an external rechargeable lead acid battery. Air does not make contact with the liquid. These stainless steel pumps use a replaceable bladder either in Teflon or PE for easy cleaning and prevention of sample cross contamination and with diameters starting at 22mm to fit in a 1-inch well.  Bladder Pumps are ideal groundwater sampling pumps.

Foot Valves

Foot Valves

Footvalves come in a variety of sizes and can make very powerful pumping systems capable of sampling from great depths (manpower permitting!). These pumps do not use any electrical components so are useful when there is a necessity to sample in an intrinsically safe way. Stainless steel footvalves can be cleaned in a dishwasher making them more cost effective than plastic valves which cannot be effectively cleaned, therefore could be the cause of sample contamination if re-used.

Total Fluids Reclaimer

An air displacement pump which is perfect for developing and purging wells from 2-inch and larger. Theses pumps are capable of reaching depths of up to 75 metres and a compressor provides the air to lift water or other fluids with a viscosity up to gear-box oil. It will move sediment and suspended particles without damage up to a maximum of 11 litres per minute. The air will come in contact with the fluid so this pump is not suitable for sampling. This pump is a good alternative to the Grundfos MP1 for purging and well development.