Passive Sampling Survey: Results

October 28, 2016

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent passive sampling survey, your feedback has given us a much better understanding of the knowledge and perception of this sampling method in the groundwater sector. The results are available here but highlights include:

  • The majority of participants at 80%, are aware of and familiar with passive sampling techniques
  • 60% have not used this method of groundwater sampling
  • The preferred method of groundwater sampling is low-flow purging at 80%
  • Over half of those surveyed (53%) cite low-recharge wells as being problematic
  • 20% of survey responders admitted they experience unexplained variability between sampling results
  • On average, survey participants said 33% of their overall budget comprises of sampling costs alone
  • 32% confirmed that the average duration of a groundwater project is 5 years or longer
  • 74% of sampling events are repetitive with a sample collection frequency of 3 months
  • Only 9% from the survey specified that their method of sampling was determined by the regulator
  • The majority said they continue with their current monitoring technique due to sampling history at the site, familiarity with their device or they already have the equipment.

For us we believe that the findings of the survey indicate that by encouraging a greater take-up of passive sampling methodologies our customers could ensure less variability in their groundwater sampling events and so more accurate results; more effectively sample low-recharge wells and, for appropriate sites, experience substantial cost savings.
It seems, from what you told us, the only thing preventing wider use of passive sampling techniques is the environmental community itself. We are therefore on a mission to gently help you change your minds!

To see what the costs are for our preferred passive sampling equipment: the Snap Sampler, our latest brochure has costings for different sample scenarios. You can get a copy by calling us on 01428 661 660 or email

A lot of equipment with the traditional sampling method


Very little equipment with the Snap Sampler



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