Addicted to Technology

July 15, 2010

Last night I slept at an hotel on the Welsh border. The place looked nice enough although rather deserted. I settled down in my room to watch  TV but was greeted by a message “No Signal”. I switched on my laptop to catch up on my emails but the machine told me there was no internet access and my phone apparently couldn’t find a service either.

After a moment of panic I spoke to the owner/manager who told me that internet worked fine in the corridor, he would allow me access to a neighbouring room to watch TV and only O2 gave a phone signal and then only occasionally in the bar area. Oddly, he said that they no longer had phones in the bedrooms because everyone carries a mobile these days don’t they? At this point I was manifesting severe signs of withdrawal and became increasingly frustrated at my reliance on technology and pined for the good old days when we had none of these facilities and it didn’t matter.

Some scallops, a lamb shank and some excellent local beer revived my spirits so much that I was totally satisfied by watching a re-run of Top Gear on the only channel available in the adjacent room.

Are we happier because of all this technology?  Reliant, yes but happier? I very much doubt it.

Vincent van Walt

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