What can you expect when you have a YSI Water Quality Meter from Van Walt ……

August 16, 2013

Or a Peristaltic Pump, Multisampler, Comprehensive Auger Set or Diver Water Level Logger – well firstly you can decide whether you want to rent or buy your equipment. Van Walt now has one of the largest selections of environmental research equipment in the UK, from sampling, purging and groundwater monitoring pumps; to water quality and water level meters; sediment samplers and remediation equipment.

So before you decide which equipment you need, and whether you are renting or buying, you can expect to talk to one of our fully trained equipment experts who will ask you where and what you are monitoring/measuring to ensure you are getting exactly the right kit. You can expect us to support you make the right equipment decision and that’s why we have produced a wealth of information to help you select exactly what you need from Equipment Films – really interesting and explain how equipment works as well as explaining technical issues – to Equipment Fact Sheets, Technical Information on a wealth of environmental topics including Determining the aggregate stability of soil; Low Flow & Passive Sampling Techniques; Measuring Redox and Purging wells for Groundwater Sampling – to name a few. We have produced a matrix to help you select the right Pump or Sediment Sampler, we have Forums so you can post or review what other customers and equipment users think of our products.

Once you have purchased your equipment you can expect us to deliver it on time with complete Operating Instructions (which are downloadable from our website – which you may wish to look at before you make your purchase!). If you have decided to rent your research equipment you can expect it to arrive charged, calibrated and ready to go. It will arrive with a Quick Start Guide and our telephone number is plastered over all our packaging, equipment and paperwork so you can call us and talk directly to someone who can help you whether it’s getting started, operating the instrument or reporting a problem. You can also request – rather than expect us – to arrange pick-up and collection of the equipment once you have used it!

For our more complex research equipment you can expect us to offer onsite training as part of the package. We have travelled worldwide providing training on Window Sampling Systems, TDR Soil Moisture Systems, Stitz Coring and complex Diver Water Level Logger installations. For the more straightforward applications like Water Quality Meter calibration or Using a Multisampler you can expect us to provide in-house training at our premises or yours, if numbers permit.

You can expect us to stand by our logo: Monitoring your needs and work continuously to improve our service, equipment quality, website, communications, delivery and overall Van Walt experience. We want you to remember us and continue to use us because we consistently deliver excellent, friendly service and you can trust us to honestly and fairly meet all your environmental equipment needs.

Finally, we expect to earn your continued custom and patronage – we promise not to sit back and take you for granted and we expect you to tell us if we make a mistake or do something over and above what you expected! There is a form for you to feedback your comments, alternatively you can call us on 01428 661660 or email sales@vanwalt.com if, like us, you prefer a more direct approach!

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