Making Augering fun!

June 13, 2012

When it comes to augering there is not much to say. It is a vital technique in the environmental consultant’s armory; the equipment seems basic although there are augers for every eventuality. There are so many variations we can’t even give you a precise number as to how many different types we supply.

At first glance they all look similar but we supply hand augers; soil core augers; sediment corers and gouges; undisturbed soil sampling augers; sets; individual augers and augering accessories. Augers for sand; course sand; clay; combination and stone catcher augers, plus loads more like the auger for stony soil; riverside and spiral augers. You name it we supply it. Each takes a sample but each is different and unique and fit for a different purpose. We can add extension rods, bayonet or conical threaded connections to extend the depth you can auger to and even an ergonomic auger set, designed specifically for professionals spending a lot of time augering soil.

So how do we make augers and augering interesting? We can tell you how the augers are made: to this day they are still hand crafted in Holland. A man stands over an open fire and works the hot metal with a hammer to produce just the right shape ‘head’ to allow the auger to easily penetrate the soil.

We have a concise but very attractive brochure with a double page spread on the usefulness, simplicity and efficiency of a good auger but our number one technique to bring augers to life is Ikky Izagaren, our auger specialist. Ikky loves augers and she knows exactly the merits and advantages of each. Phone us and say you are looking for an auger and don’t be surprised if Ikky gives you the third degree, bombarding you with questions to ensure we provide you with exactly what you need.

Ikky is our augering champion, she can charm the socks off most of our regular customers and anyone who doesn’t know her, take a peek at her photo and tell me you wouldn’t be wooed by a pretty female telling you can’t live without a No Loss Soil Corer!

“Humble in application yet sophisticated in its usefulness, a good soil auger, whether you’re a geologist, archaeologist, hydrogeologist, work in agriculture, environmental monitoring, education or horticulture – will form the backbone of your soil sampling research,” Ikky Izagaren, Sales & Customer Relations, Van Walt Ltd.

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