In Colorado, USA, they take water level monitoring very seriously

April 6, 2011

One of the challenges of the Lower Colorado River Authority is to determine how much water is flowing into streams and canals, how much water is flowing into and out of lakes, and to make sure that data gets to the people who can use it in their decision-making to ensure the safety and welfare of its citizens, businesses and infrastructure.  In Colorado, like much of the UK, the stakes are high.

When thunderclouds build over the Colorado’s central Hill Country, discharge data from more than 60 stream monitors forms a key line of defence in the fight to keep residents safe from flash floods, which can swell a stream into a torrent, in a matter of hours.

Sophisticated water level monitoring equipment is employed to optimise lake levels and ensure proper water delivery to irrigation systems.  A network of loggers, meters and telemetry covers the 600 river miles, 18,000 square miles of drainage area, 1,100 miles of canals, and six reservoir lakes. Why is such care taken to measure every single drop of water? The economics are simple; the area sustains a $115-million-per-year recreation industry, a $234-million annual rice crop and a $63-million-per-year commercial fishing industry. Water touches a lot of lives and a sizable chunk of the regional economy.

And this situation is not unique as climate change is increasing the risk of floods and as flooding represents a major risk to life and property through raised water levels it is therefore essential to monitor river and sea levels in order to operate effective flood forecasting models to save lives and economies.

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