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Van Walt ‘in the field’

Environmental monitoring in Wales

Mineral exploration in Wales – with our new Deep Well Bladder Pump

Where better to try out one of our latest pumps – South Wales, prospecting for coal!  Tom was recently onsite at a colliery with Jeremy Dearlove of FWS Consultants Ltd who are undertaking research to establish the feasibility of open mine coal extraction.  As a result some of the site investigations require the pumping of water from very deep levels.

As soon as we started putting together the equipment spec for this job we knew that whatever we supplied that it would be a real test of its capabilities.  In the end we put together a dedicated pump system incorporating our new Deep Well Bladder Pump which soon proved it was up for the challenge.  It pumped from an impressive 170 metres in a 2 inch diameter well.

“On reflection, this is probably not the best way to test new equipment,” confesses Tom.  “On site, with our customer and their client, in the pouring rain, with a new piece of equipment, expecting it to pump from 166m.  But we had done some careful calculations before arriving on site and, as luck would have it, I was in the States with our supplier the week before going to Wales, so I had a good idea of what we needed to do to ensure a successful result.  The new deep well pump proved itself to be very impressive and as it worked here I am now even more confident it will deliver the same impressive results in less challenging conditions.”

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