vanwaltCONNECT-LITE is the new Telemetry Software for vanwaltKISS – our Keep It Simple Sensing System. Developed in-house to be secure and intuitive, it delivers data from vanwaltKISS units installed onsite, directly to your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

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Each vanwaltKISS unit will log and store the data from the deployed sensor every 15 minutes. The data will then be sent every 24 hours (08:00 UTC) by GSM to our cloud-based server. The data can then be downloaded and viewed on the vanwaltCONNECT-LITE web browser dashboard. The data is held for 3 months so we recommend you download the data every month (device will store 24 months’ worth of data for resilience).

  • Secure and intuitive software
  • Data is encrypted using the https:// protocol
  • Data available in a .csv format
  • Data sent every 24 hours
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vanwaltCONNECT-LITE Equipment Options:


  • Environmental research
  • Flood risk monitoring
  • Well, tank, tidal water level monitoring
  • Wetland and Peat Bog monitoring & surveys
  • River, stream, reservoir gauging
  • Surface & storm water runoff monitoring
  • Saltwater intrusion monitoring & tracking
  • Agricultural runoff studies
  • Discharge monitoring
  • Single or multi well tracer testing
  • Brackish Water tracking
  • Wastewater treatment discharge tracing
  • Rainwater reservoir monitoring
  • Tank roof rainwater monitoring
  • Final outflow monitoring for groundwater remediation projects
  • And more…




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