Bailer Boring Set

Eijkelkamp’s Bailer Boring Set to drill above & below the water table to a depth of 7 meters. Ideal for exploratory soil augering and sampling. So particularly suitable for use in nature reserves or water catchment areas.

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  • Suitable for most soils as a very comprehensive set
  • Works above and below water level
  • For well installation as well as samplings as the user will reach the required depth very quickly
  • Extremely durable, sturdy light weight casings
  • Bailing-platform allows pushing casings down
  • Special bailers allow bailing/removal of stony sand layers
  • Non-contaminating components
  • Cost effective

Limitation: the set is not suitable for hard soils with a high content of stones or gravel.

Bailer Boring Set Equipment Options:


  • Exploratory soil augering and profiling
  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Soil sampling below groundwater table
  • Archaeological soil research
  • Environmental soil research
  • Inserting monitoring well pipes for groundwater monitoring



Left hand screw thread casing tubes in different diameters (90mm, 125mm & 160mm)
Casing tube clamps
Steel lifting caps, synthetic thread protectors, steel casing heads for 125mm
Casing tubes


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