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Soil Moisture Telemetry Systems

Van Walt offers telemetry systems for:

When is telemetry a sensible or even necessary solution?

Telemetry is a means of collecting and communicating data remotely. This can be by means of a suitable mobile network and also short or longer radio waves. In principle they have one thing in common: they are able to transmit collected data without the need for a physical presence or direct connection to the data collection device.

Telemetry systems have a number of benefits in common:

  • Ease of use
  • Whereas there is a greater initial capital outlay, after deployment there is a substantial decrease in onsite costs. For remote or difficult to access sites this cost saving can be very substantial.
  • Data redundancy: by being able to get daily (or more frequent) data there is an early warning of sensor malfunction. Some systems even offer the facility to factor in data redundancy by multiple data sends in case a signal fails.
  • Data Share: web based solutions offer a seamless opportunity for different people to access the data within an organisation. This is especially important where several branch offices need to share information.
  • Equipment security: usually it is possible to entirely hide telemetry and logging units so they are also suitable for sites which are not secure.
  • Most Van Walt telemetry options offer the facility for setting up alarms.
  • It is obvious, but it needs to be emphasised, that telemetry systems require suitable (GPRS) signal to work effectively. Van Walt can assist you to test sites for airtime strength.

Globelog: A digital logging and GPRS based telemetry system dedicated to TDR soil moisture networks from TRIME® system technology. As with the rest of our telemetry systems there is an easy internet based web interface which is backed up by daily emails.